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"To read a book about a country's cuisine isn't simply to go looking for 'good things'; it is also to better know - by means of the recipes - the customs and the richness or poverty of a place, and the spirit of those who inhabit it. It is above all, to participate in the symbolic celebration of the shared repast."

~ Ginette Olivesi-Lorenzi, La Cuisine Mentonnaise

Savoring Tuscany : Recipes and Reflections on Tuscan Cooking

Savoring Tuscany : Recipes and Reflections on Tuscan Cooking (The Savoring Series)
by Lori De Mori

Part of the Savoring Series, which is one of my favorite series of books about Regional Cuisine, Savoring Tuscany is a beautiful book filled with sumptuous recipes and delectable writing about the cuisine and culture of Tuscany. As with all the books in the series, Savoring Tuscany is put together beautifully and all of the recipes are well written and presented. The recipes that we tested were all superb and the book is an excellent source for fans of Tuscan cuisine.

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Alphabetical Recipe Index

American-Thai NoodlesSpacer
Annemaree's Grilled Tuscan ChickenSpacer
Annemaree's Stuffed Tuscan ChickenSpacer
Asian Recipe Phad Thai (Thai Shrimp Noodle Salad)Spacer
Avocado CreamSpacer
Barbecue Chicken (Gai Yang)Spacer
Basic Green Curry PasteSpacer
Basic Red Curry PasteSpacer
Bay of Bengal Curry PasteSpacer
Beans in the Style of Wild BirdsSpacer
Benne CakesSpacer
Bongo (Chocolate Profiteroles)Spacer
Bua Loi Phuak (Taro Balls in Coconut Cream)Spacer
Cajun Style Tuna Stir FrySpacer
Calamari in zimino (Stewed Squid)Spacer
Caramelized Onion and Roasted Garlic SoupSpacer
Calamari SaladSpacer
Cavolfiore stufato (Stewed Cauliflower)Spacer
Chicken Breasts with Ham, Cheese, and TrufflesSpacer
Chicken In Pandamus LeavesSpacer
Classic Tuscan BreadSpacer
Coconut Rice HumphreySpacer
Crispy Fried NoodlesSpacer
Crockpot Tuscan StewSpacer
Croque MonsieurSpacer
Cucumber and Peanut SauceSpacer
Cucumber Chile Lime ShrimpSpacer
Drunken Chicken Wings (Peek Gai Mao Daeng)Spacer
Evil Jungle PrinceSpacer
Fast Thai Curry SauceSpacer
Favorite Caribbean DipSpacer
Favorite Seafood Curry PasteSpacer
Fette col cavolo nero (Cabbage Crostini)Spacer
Florentine Artichoke SpreadSpacer
Fried Fish with Tamarind JuiceSpacer
Fried RadishSpacer
Fried Pork Stuffed with PineappleSpacer
Fried QuailsSpacer
Fried Tofu with Bean SproutSpacer
Gang PanangSpacer
Golden BagSpacer
Golden KrathongSpacer
Green Papaya SaladSpacer
Green Papaya Salad PetersSpacer
Grilled Thai Pork SandwichesSpacer
Hazelnut SquaresSpacer
Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup (Tom Yum Kung)Spacer
Jade Curry PasteSpacer
Jamaican Turkey Cutlets with VegetablesSpacer
Kaeng Khiao Wan Nuea (Green Curry with Beef)Spacer
Kenyan CollardsSpacer
Khanom BualoySpacer
Kluai Buat Chi (Banana Cooked in Coconut Milk)Spacer
Kung Pao ChickenSpacer
Laab GaiSpacer
Leslie's Thai Chile PasteSpacer
Low Fat Thai LarbSpacer
Mango-Papaya SalsaSpacer
Massaman Beef and Fruit CurrySpacer
Massaman Chicken Potato CurrySpacer
Massaman Curry PasteSpacer
Miang KhamSpacer
Orange Beef and BroccoliSpacer
Pane Dorato (Golden Fried Bread)Spacer
Pane Fresco (Perfect Daily Bread)Spacer
Pasta with Gorgonzola-Parmesan SauceSpacer
Penang Chicken Curry (Penang Gai)Spacer
Phad Thai for TwoSpacer
Phat Thai (Thai Fried Noodle)Spacer
Piselli novelli in casseruola (Casseroled New Peas)Spacer
Polpettone e polpette (Meat Loaf and Rissoles)Spacer
Po Pia Thot (Thai Spring Rolls)Spacer
Potato KugelSpacer
Puangpen's Phad ThaiSpacer
Ragł di carne alla fiorentina (Florentine Meat Sauce)Spacer
Red Pork (Mu Dang)Spacer
Risotto PorciniSpacer
Roasted Chicken with Lemongrass and Kaffir LimeSpacer
Sangkhaya Fakthong (Custard Pumpkin)Spacer
Schiacciata alla fiorentina (Florentine Sponge Cake)Spacer
Shrimp and Pineapple CurrySpacer
Spicy Beef Salad (Laab Nuea)Spacer
Spicy Chicken with Thai Basil (Gai Phaat Bai Kaphaow)Spacer
Spicy Thai Curried Pork (Nam Phrik Ong)Spacer
Steamed Jasmine Rice for TwoSpacer
Steamed Shrimp Stuffed with Baby CornSpacer
Steamed Thai Jasmine RiceSpacer
Stir-Fried Chicken With Holy Basil (Gai Pad Bai Gaprow)Spacer
Stuffed Omelette (Kai Yad Sai)Spacer
Tab Tim Grob (Red Rubies)Spacer
Temple of Thai Pad Thai NoodlesSpacer
Thai Barbecue SauceSpacer
Thai Beef Flambé (Neua Pad Kimao)Spacer
Thai Chicken SkewersSpacer
Thai Chicken with Basil for Two (Gai Pad Bai Gaprow)Spacer
Thai Crockpot SoupSpacer
Thai Cucumber SaladSpacer
Thai Curried Chicken Noodle SoupSpacer
Thai Curried ScallopsSpacer
Thai Curried Shrimp and Pea SoupSpacer
Thai Fish Custard (Haw Mukh)Spacer
Thai Fried RiceSpacer
Thai Green Curry ChickenSpacer
Thai Green Curry Paste Suttirat KennedySpacer
Thai Hot Noodles Korat Style (Pad Mee Korat Phet)Spacer
Thai Ice CreamSpacer
Thai Noodles (Pad Thai) HumphreySpacer
Thai Noodles in Peanut SauceSpacer
Thai Noodles with PrawnsSpacer
Thai Peanut DipSpacer
Thai Red Curry MusselsSpacer
Thai Red Curry Paste Suttirat KennedySpacer
Thai Roasted VegetablesSpacer
Thai SataySpacer
Thai Shrimp and Rice SaladSpacer
Thai Shrimp and Vegetable CurrySpacer
Thai Sour Curry Fish (Gaeng Sohm Plah)Spacer
Thai-Spiced Pork Tenderloin with Orange Curry SauceSpacer
Thai Stir Fried Vegetables (Pad Phak Ruam Mitr)Spacer
Thai Stir Fried Wide Rice Noodles (Pad Si-iew)Spacer
Thai Style Curried LambSpacer
Thai Style Mushroom Spinach CurrySpacer
Thai Style SalsaSpacer
Thai Vegetarian Green CurrySpacer
Thai Yellow Chicken Curry (Nam Prik Gaeng Ka-ri)Spacer
Tim's Thai Red Curry PasteSpacer
Tod Mun Khao PodeSpacer
Tofu Soup with Enoki MushroomSpacer
Tomato, Mint and Lime SaladSpacer
Tom Yum TalaySpacer
Torta salata (Savory Flan)Spacer
Traditional FoccaciaSpacer
Turkey Breast Provencal with VegetablesSpacer
Turkey Risotto PrimaveraSpacer
Turkey Tortilla SoupSpacer
Tuscan Artichoke and Pepper PieSpacer
Tuscan Bean SaladSpacer
Tuscan Bean SoupSpacer
Tuscan BiscottiSpacer
Tuscan BruschettaSpacer
Tuscan CheesecakeSpacer
Tuscan Cream Cheese SpreadSpacer
Tuscan CrostiniSpacer
Tuscan Crostini TimmonsSpacer
Tuscan Fried ChickenSpacer
Tuscan Grilled ChickenSpacer
Tuscan Grilled Pork ChopsSpacer
Tuscan PuddingSpacer
Tuscan Pudding TimmonsSpacer
Tuscan Roasted Leg of LambSpacer
Tuscan Steak with Sundried TomatoesSpacer
Tuscan-Style GreensSpacer
Tuscan-Style Pork RoastSpacer
Tuscan Turkey CutletsSpacer
Tuscan White Bean Salad with Salami and Red OnionSpacer
Tuscan White Bean Salad with Tuna and Red OnionSpacer
Valigette (Beef Rolls)Spacer
Waterfall Beef (Neua Yang Nam Tok)Spacer
Westernized Thai Curry PasteSpacer
Yum Nuea (Spicy Beef Salad)Spacer
Yum YaiSpacer